On an overcast Saturday in January, my mother and I walked the National Mall in Washington, D.C. with close to 500,000 people, in awe of the of the sheer diversity of opinion and unabashed advocacy that makes America great. An eight-year-old yelled, “Tell me what democracy looks like!” to a chorus of “This is whatContinue reading “CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: SPACE, PLACE AND UNITY AT THE WOMEN’S MARCH”

Le Noir de L’Etoile

On Friday evening, five percussionists from the Sound Icon ensemble came to the Armory to pound out the concentricity of cosmic space and music. Le Noir De L’Etoile (The Night of the Stars) is a composition by French composer Gerard Grisey. After meeting Berkeley astronomer Jo Silk in 1985, Grisey became infatuated with the pattern of electromagnetic waves emitted fromContinue reading “Le Noir de L’Etoile”

Meredith Monk / Introducing: A FALL

This is a two-pronged blog post. Firstly, this week I discovered Meredith Monk: She shows true freedom of expression, or at least in a way that speaks to me. Even if she’s a little cooky (a collection of Jew’s Harps and tapping into the brainwaves of turtles?), her rich voice and singing style give purpose to the feeling we allContinue reading “Meredith Monk / Introducing: A FALL”


Even though I’m miles away from home, this year’s Thanksgiving was pretty hard to beat. As the only American at Hotel Pro Forma, I attempted the two-day process of cooking the most epic American meal of the year for my European co-workers. For the most part it worked well. The amount of excitement and help IContinue reading “Thanksgiving”

Tourist Weekend with Dad

My father visited me this weekend. Friday, we walked. Saturday, we biked. Sunday, we walked, biked, and became so tired that we just had to sit down to a documentary (Drone … I highly recommend it). To expand a bit more and provide some hyper-linked reading material: On Friday, we ventured by foot around the center ofContinue reading “Tourist Weekend with Dad”

What They Say /ReCovery with a “Capital C”

First and foremost, this is my weekend songwriting and recording project. It didn’t have this 70s vibe until I sent it to my friend Tobias, who’s a sound designer and fellow intern at Hotel Pro Forma. He saw the vintage in it, and I think it’s great now. Though I need to work on my recordingContinue reading “What They Say /ReCovery with a “Capital C””


I’ve been observing artist-in-residence Sigbjørn Bratlie as he creates his upcoming video intallation ‘Kikkuuvugut’. His film and many of his previous projects focus on the difficulties and awkwardness of learning new languages. This presentation will be Sigbjørn’s first ever, out-loud conversation (after six months of silent study) in Greenlandic.  With a Greenlander. We haven’t seen it yet, but inContinue reading “Kikkuuvugut”