Meredith Monk / Introducing: A FALL

This is a two-pronged blog post. Firstly, this week I discovered Meredith Monk:

She shows true freedom of expression, or at least in a way that speaks to me. Even if she’s a little cooky (a collection of Jew’s Harps and tapping into the brainwaves of turtles?), her rich voice and singing style give purpose to the feeling we all have when we forget the words to a song, but need to sing it anyway.

Yesterday was the final Lounge event of the 2014 for Hotel Pro Forma. Artist-in-residence Karl Van Welden presented a prototype of his work A FALL. The installation was a large wooden box frame that manufactured ash clouds, which then descended upon a vinyl player to “create patterns of musical ruin”. An elaborate sound system played minimalistic piano with ever increasing undertones of volcanic eruption (much credit for this goes to Tobias Lukassen, sound design intern). It was quite beautiful in a Spartan-has-a-heart way. Other works from Karl’s United Planets series supported the night’s themes of staging a disaster and man’s obsession with catastrophe.


Artist acrobatics installing lights for A FALL

The “ruin your record” station – interns stand by to sprinkle your record with ash so that you can listen to its destruction (it’s kind of a downer, but funny if you don’t like that particular record).

People came.

Arist-in-Residence Karl Van Welden vacuuming ash between shows.

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