Even though I’m miles away from home, this year’s Thanksgiving was pretty hard to beat. As the only American at Hotel Pro Forma, I attempted the two-day process of cooking the most epic American meal of the year for my European co-workers. For the most part it worked well. The amount of excitement and help I received truly brought out the spirit of the holiday. Though no Thanksgiving is complete without a trip to the hospital… my finger now sports two stitches from a food processor sneak attack. Here are some pictures of a Thanksgiving never to be forgotten.

That’s either a Danish, Greek, or Russian turkey, we couldn’t quite tell from the packaging.
US dog show / hand turkey / American
A Dane, Norwegian, and a German carve their first turkey.
Luka’s “tipsy turkey” pumpkin punch.
Hopefully I gave an accurate representation of the holiday to these 8/10 newbies.
Clean Plate Club members
Pie in a pan (and it’s butternut squash, not pumpkin, since there seem to be no appropriate pumpkins in Denmark at this time of year)
Frankenstein finger battle wound.
Wounded turkey pulled through.

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