First, 14 Danish bands we just can’t get enough of. 

Here are a few snapshots from my quick weekend trip to Berlin. This city is the best  – there’s so much to do, it’s incredibly affordable, and there’s enough currywurst, bratwurst and doner kebab to feed an army of non-Germans.


Truth be told, I knew very little about the wall before going to the Berlin Wall Memorial. It’s 25th anniversary was only a few weeks ago

You can see the Berlin TV tower while standing next to the Reichstag

Proving I was there (inside the memorial).

Templehof, the airport with the biggest complex (in both senses of the word). No longer in operation, it is located in the center of Berlin. Nearby they serve excellent coffee, perfect preparation for a November stroll around the airstrip.

Kites and skateboards!

An installation symbolizing the Holocaust at the Jewish Museum. These metal faces cover the floor of an entire room, and the clinks you hear when you walk over them echo and pervade.

Saturday night at the Berlin Philharmonie! The music hall is a truly amazing musical space. For the first time, my seats were behind the orchestra. Potentially the last time too since I was next to the French horns. However, all the facial expressions of Alan Gilbert were visible as he conducted a Bach cantata, Mendelssohn’s Scottish Symphony (**outstanding**) and Nielsen’s 3rd Symphony.

Sunday morning: too early for the Christmas markets at Alexanderplads.

How did my iPhone make this picture!? #nofilter #Potsdamerplads
IMG_1109 (2)

Favorite picture. Taken at the Brandenburg Gate.

Visited, but not pictured: Checkpoint Charlie, Gropius House (Memory Lab exhibition), Mauerpark, and the Topographie of Terror.  Easyjet pulled through with a departure only 20 minutes later than expected, and the eight hour bus/ferry trip back to Copenhagen on Sunday was actually quite lovely. The hostel EastSeven was a little awkward but clean and well-run, and it didn’t matter since all I did was sleep.

So, Berlin is finally checked off the bucket list… but if anyone wants a buddy to accompany them to this fantastic city, I’d make myself available.

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