Tourist Weekend with Dad

My father visited me this weekend. Friday, we walked. Saturday, we biked. Sunday, we walked, biked, and became so tired that we just had to sit down to a documentary (Drone … I highly recommend it).

To expand a bit more and provide some hyper-linked reading material:

On Friday, we ventured by foot around the center of Copenhagen. The National Museum featured a fantastic exhibition on the economic and social impact of fur. The famous shopping street Strøget had just opened a Christmas market, and we both drank gløgg for the first time. Of course, we also visited the Black Diamond library and the picture-perfect Nyhavn.  We ended the night at Den Frie Museum’s opening reception, watching a video installation called “Run Time Error” by Simon Steen-Andersen.  I enjoyed watching the artist precisely control the independent playback speed of two identical audio-visual tracks using joysticks (see hyperlink).

Dad on the steps of the Black Diamond Library, next to the Dome of Visions.

Saturday began with a morning bike ride around the lakes of Nørrebro, a lunch of French cheese and ginger beer, a stroll around the meatpacking district, the Round Tower, and the Tycho Brahe Planetarium, and ending with a three-hour dinner at Øl og Brød. The restaurant is associated with Mikkeller (my favorite brewery in Copenhagen) and included a beer or aquavit pairing with each of the five courses.

IMG_1048 (2)
View of Copenhagen from the roof of the Rundetårm (Round Tower) which functioned as an astronomical observatory, royal library, and church during the reign of King Christian IV.
Our lack of selfie coordination is…clearly genetic.

Sunday morning, we took the train to Roskilde and visited the Viking Ship Museum and the Roskilde Domkirke. Returning to the city in the afternoon, we visited the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek and ended with the Drone documentary on the last night of the CPH:DOX film festival.

Yup, it’s big and old on the outside and the inside. This ship was excavated in the 1960s from the Roskilde harbor. It had been sunk by the Danish vikings to create a barricade, preventing the potential advance of the Norwegian vikings in the 1000s.

I’m not sure we could have fit any more into those 72 hours while staying relaxed… and relaxed is the goal! Plus I ate four full continental breakfasts at my dad’s hotel, so there’s an epic win. I hope this is the most touristy blog post I ever write (We did this! And then we did this!)… that’s why I added hyperlinks to make it “educational”.

I also just returned from a concert at the Black Diamond Library by the Figura Ensemble featuring hurdy-gurdy soloist Matthias Loibner. The hurdy-gurdy! What is this instrument!? What does it even sound like?! Where does it even come from?!

What the Danes really think of the Americans.

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