What They Say /ReCovery with a “Capital C”

First and foremost, this is my weekend songwriting and recording project. It didn’t have this 70s vibe until I sent it to my friend Tobias, who’s a sound designer and fellow intern at Hotel Pro Forma. He saw the vintage in it, and I think it’s great now. Though I need to work on my recording skills… the clipping is my fault, not his.

I’m enjoying a little time in the Studenterhuset café where I used to bartend as a DIS student. Though I can’t connect to the internet because I’m no longer a legitimate pencil-pusher, I can still drink tea and pretend I’m a writing an important paper.

Yesterday, in an attempt to recover after almost two weeks of preparation for our successful Lounge event at Hotel Pro Forma, I decided it was time to try yoga. I found an easy Hatha Yoga Saturday afternoon class quite close by, but the class did not start off in English. Sitting in the very front row, the next 90 minutes were promising to be a very awkward series of downwards dogs looking between my legs to follow the crowd behind me.  Probably noticing my distress, the instructor switched to English about 1/3 of the way into the class, so the rest was fantastic. I have no idea what yoga education is like in Denmark, but this class was anatomically rejuvenating.

Right now, the Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival CPH:DOX is in full swing.  I ventured out into the Sunday afternoon sunlight to venture back into the darkness to see “Capital C”, a documentary about crowd funding in the USA. The documentary was well-made and inspiring, for me at least. It had the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” entrepreneurial way about it, lauding the merits of social media as a platform for small businesses and ideas to gain traction.  And… it was so darn American, the audience actually laughed at the southern drawl of a slow-talking South Carolinian sock manufacturer. There are Americanisms that I’m even starting to see but still can’t put my figure on it, as an American. Strange experience. I hope to catch a few more international films before the festival ends next week.

Finally, some pictures from Friday’s Lounge:

The promo pic snapped during Sigbjørn’s video filming of ‘Kikkuuvugut’.
We used questions from the OkCupid dating site, translated them into different languages, and stuck them in our homemade cakes as conversation starters. Photo courtesy of Nanna Møllegård Madsen.
A favorite. Taken by Luka Pavelka.
Our kaffemik table! At the head of the table is the tongue twister karaoke station complete with disco ball.
Kicking back afterwards at the Jaguaren, featuring four Tuborg Julebrygs. Tuborg releases their Christmas beer every November, giving “Christmas comes early” an official date on the calendars. My burnt brownies with 3X the required flour are featured here too. I was too embarrassed to serve them to strangers at the kaffemik, so here they are. They’re getting better with age.

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