I’ve been observing artist-in-residence Sigbjørn Bratlie as he creates his upcoming video intallation ‘Kikkuuvugut’. His film and many of his previous projects focus on the difficulties and awkwardness of learning new languages. This presentation will be Sigbjørn’s first ever, out-loud conversation (after six months of silent study) in Greenlandic.  With a Greenlander. We haven’t seen it yet, but in a previous video that records his breaks up with his Icelandic girlfriend in broken Icelandic is pretty funny. He doesn’t add subtitles, but you pretty much know what’s going on.

We decided to turn the night into a Kaffemik and invite the Greenlandic community in Copenhagen to attend. Much to our dismay, there are already two Greenlandic concerts happening on the same night. However we’re offering free coffee and homemade cake to everyone who comes, sooo….. here’s the Facebook event. Some of the interns are working on a Google MisTranslate performance and others are in the process of creating an international tongue twister karaoke station. We are all baking a cake to represent our nationality. I’m making brownies.

And our promo video.

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