Mush Push

That crazed look when you find a piano and eat a ham and cheese sandwich for the first time in two months.

The past few weeks have been a jumble of thoughts and things and music and art. I’ve officially passed the halfway point of my time in Copenhagen, which does something to the psyche. Now everything I do mushes together like the epic amounts of oatmeal I’ve been consuming. On top of that I’ve moved to a different apartment, and on top of that there’s our second intern exhibition coming up this Friday, and on top of that I should probably be doing more with the few remaining weekends I have left in Europe.

The view from … uh… the bathroom at Hotel Pro Forma. I need to get out more.

This weekend was nice. I saw the Danish band Ice Cream Cathedral at Lille VEGA with two friends, and have now discovered the space pop genre, for better or for worse. It took a little bit of re-adjustment since I had never heard ICC’s music before, but by the end of the set I really enjoyed their enthusiasm for darkness and space sounds, and overall hard rocking.

On Friday, the Hotel took a trip to the Helsingør Maritime Museum. The architecture is kind of ingenious – the museum is built into an existing dry dock where boats used to be built and repaired.

The view from the cafe, eating carrot cake and sitting on fur. Coudn’t be more Danish, except for the Halloween pumpkins.
My new abode. First floor this time, thank Thor.

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