Museum Sunday

This weekend’s trip to the Louisiana Museum and Helsingør Maritime Museum. I had been before with my mom, two years ago, but on this beautiful fall day with two of my intern friends (one from the Czech Republic, one from Serbia) I saw entirely new things.

The Louisiana Museum is located on the Øresund Sea. You can see Sweden from here too.

The reason we went to Louisiana was to see the Olafur Eliasson Riverbed exhibit.

I loved the whole thing, especially the sound of crunching footsteps inside a museum.
Because the floor was built up and covered with rocks, the door frame heights were actually raised.

After the Louisiana museum, we took a trip to Helsingør, aka Elsinor in English. The award-winning Maritime Museum‘s birthday was that day, and we checked it out.

Check out my gnarly tatoo. Got it at the maritime museum.
The castle at Helsingør, where Shakespeare's Hamlet took place.
The castle at Helsingør, where Shakespeare’s Hamlet took place.
A statue of Hydra, just outside the museum.

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