The Cable Park

“Things are good, yeah, great actually, on a personal level, yeah really pretty satisfied with whats happening, oh yeah, remembering to eat right, not enough exercise, yeah but pretty amazing”.  Chris Johanson, Continuity Escapes Me- My Selfishness in Los Angeles, at the Galleri Nicolai Wallner in Copenhagen.

After the introductions at Hotel Pro Forma, each intern was given the broad assignment of creating an auditive, textual or visual work relating to either the small-scale attributes or the totality of a nearby cable park…. and then presenting the opposite. As the arts management intern, this may have been my pinnacle week of artsy free-form fun, so I embraced the artsyfreeformity.

The cable park is a small and privately-owned beach and dock area that extends into the Øresund sea, just a 10 minute bike ride from Hotel Pro Forma. Surfers line up on the dock, waiting to practice their rad surf skills while being pulled by a man-made mechanized cable system (NOTE: This was not my presentation, I just made this for you, right now, to show you the cable park)

For my project, I had written and narrated a poem set to pictures I’d taken from the park. This was my “opposite” presentation: I cut up the poem, put the words in motion, and overlaid a tune I sang in a nearby abandoned building that had ethereal, underwater-like acoustics.


After our presentations on Friday morning (we interns are a pretty diverse bunch… the seven of us presented pieces from electronic music sequences to dramatic narratives), we piled in the HPF van to see six different “artist driven” contemporary art exhibitions. These elephants guard the entrance to the Carlsberg complex where some of the exhibitions were located, including the Chris Johanson piece above.

Jumbos playing futbol.

One of my mornings this week was spent biking all over the city and getting stressed out about immigration. Due to some red tape and a poorly filled out visa form, I can’t apply for a CPR number (which gives me national health insurance, as well as access to the public library and cool gyms) and I will need to apply for a visa extension as well. I took one ok pic in a moment of frustration via accidental detour.

Morning light

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