Velkommen til København!

I’ve arrived safe and sound at my flat in Copenhagen, thanks to having a fantastisk multi-lingual roommate who met me at the airport. The plane ride was easy, the air is clean, the sun was out- it was just a beautiful lørdag (saturday).

Whereas I used to live in Frederiksberg when I was studying at DIS, now I live in Nørrebro, slightly north and more central to the younger part of the city. Alexandra and I are renting a two-room apartment on the fourth floor of a large complex with a hyggelig kitchen, large windows well-suited for spying on neighbors and a comfy jet-lag-accommodating bed. Right now, the sweet sounds of crying Danish children (børn) are echoing from the courtyard.

It was rainy yesterday, so Alex and I set out to the Frederiksberg shopping center for rainboots and groceries at Føtex, meandering through bikers, hipsters and cute blonde kids. I didn’t realize how much I missed Danish food: my fridge is filled with leverpostej, rugbrød, yogurt for muesli, and good Danish butter (smør).

Today was the first day at Hotel Pro Forma. It is quite a special place, very welcoming and meget Danske (very Danish). Thankfully everyone speaks English, and even though I am the only intern who is a native speaker, the language barrier does not seem to be a problem. Today was introductory and I’m sure that there will be many posts to come.

After today’s 1.5 hour round-trip commute via walking and the expensive though clean and harmonious metro system, it was time to buy a bike.

Here´s the sheila.

And here’s why I wanted to get a bike:

…cuz this be biking culture.

After work today, I walked around Assistens Kierkegård (Assistens Cemetary), which is just across the street from the flat.

Bikes, walkers and dogs allowed.
Grave stone of Hans Christian Andersen
Yes, the graffiti does say Happy B-Day Poopman.

The Danish phrases aren’t exactly flooding back to me, but I can still mime my way through grocery stores and if necessary, pull out “taler du engelsk?” which solves 99% of my problems here. Did you notice how many times I used ø in this post? 7 times.

Next on the list is to get my residence permit before I become illegal. Also, Danish lessons.

Vi ses 🙂

Feet up after a long day.
Listenin´to Janelle Monáe.

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