A day in the life

It’s been a week for stories. Very short stories, in which the plot is essentially the same. I woke up, paid people, ate my homemade lunch,  met one or two classical musicians, made artist welcome baskets, ate dinner in my grandmotherly abode, went back and listened to masters of music.

This week’s variations of the above include:

– getting to know Yo-Yo Ma’s management team and deciding where all of his 50 best friends were going to sit at his concerts.

– Meeting John Williams. Yes, I shook the hand of my film-scoring hero. Of course, I had to say something stupid, like when I introduced myself at the invitation of a coworker, then didn’t wait for him to respond by immediately saying “I know who you are!” Duh. Everyone knows who he is.

– Last night I got the low-down on how to use the lighting system in the Shed. It’s awesome!! Programming at work!  As I was chillin’ and learnin’ backstage, Manny Ax asked to ring the bell signalling that the show would start. I observed, Yo-Yo gave me a wave.  I was promised that I could be the next to ring it at intermission, but a red wine spill on someone’s fancy dress (that occurred in the process of said beverage being offered to me, so I felt wholly responsible) took priority and I missed my chance.

–  Tea at Three:  Manhattans followed by a brutally satisfying jog around the Berkshires.

– The weekly coworker wall-sit challenge: setting personal records each week, this time at 4:57.

– Pouring, shooting rain on Tanglewood on Parade day, which drove out the crowds, indirectly broke some old lady’s arm, and just generally made the remaining crowd malcontent until the annual signature 1812 Overture and fireworks commenced.

– Performances that gave me chills, not in the rain-soaked way: Leonidas Kavakos’ expressivity in Szymanowski’s Violin Concerto No. 2, Yo-Yo Ma’s fluidity playing the Brahms recital (trio performance with Manny Ax, Yo-Yo, and Leonidas), the Boston Symphony Orchestra making the best of an already spectacular Tchaikovsky’s 4th symphony. Going back to last week, I was pleasantly surprised by Jean-Yves Thibaudet playing Shostakovich’s fist piano concerto, a contrast to the style I was exposed to (and have tried to emulate) after watching Pride and Prejudice. I highly suggest that you cook a meal for yourself and listen to all of these vids.

More keeps coming back that I haven’t had time to write about… Mahler 2, Gil Shaham’s Britten violin concerto with the National Youth Orchestra, the NYO fiasco that involved 150 teenagers stranded in the outdoor cafe in a thunderstorm, and the stores of thank you chocolates that keep appearing in the office snack area.

As a sign off to a good week, here’s some fan mail for ol’ Johny Williams that was delivered to the office.

john williams fan mail

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