I have attained chocolate nirvana

When I was 16-years-old, I gave a sermon at my Episcopalian church. I practiced and practiced and in the end gave a very convincing talk about the pros and cons of “following the flock”. Somehow, I also mentioned that it might be cool to try Buddhism. I’m not sure I won points with the conservative old ladies in the congregation, but I felt pretty great. Now, well into my 20’s and emerging from the liberal arts collegiate years that praise existentialism and humanism, I’m remembering religion.

I understand that no practicing Buddhist would equate a new job at a chocolate store with the attainment of nirvana, especially since chocolate undoubtedly gets in the way of overcoming desire. I have in fact been in a continuous state of chocolate desire since I hid a gallon container of candy under my bed when I was eight. While my container is no longer gallon-sized, this still means that I am very far from achieving nirvana in the strictest of senses. I just wanted to make that clear.

Yet working at L. A. Burdick definitely is the attainment of some sort of sensational climax.  And as my new 2013 Christmas gift present to myself reminds me, happiness has not decreased from being shared. 


So, perhaps it’s just a mini nirvana, but working for something I love (or just like… a lot) will always keep me going. And since I work with three music masters students, four of five music/art therapy students, a couple of artists, a scientist, and other young twenty-somethings just trying to figure it all out, I’m grateful to at least be with others who are in the same boat, each taking charge and figuring things out in different ways with individual goals. People will come and people will go… it’s all just one big life analogy! SAMSARA!

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