About Amelia

Hi! Welcome to my website.

I believe successful businesses are made of two things: great people and a great strategy. I consider it my duty to build teams that listen and trust each other, are willing to learn and take risks, and are committed to doing their best work for themselves and for others. I love working on products and initiatives that serve creatives, innovators, and public servants – the ones who are making the world a better place.

I currently work as an independently contracted product and delivery manager for human-centered government initiatives. In my previous role at Skylight, I led a senior cross-functional product team to launch and hand off a new website for the State of Connecticut’s Office of Early Childhood. I also held the role of deputy engagement manager for Skylight’s first statewide digital transformation initiative. I have previously worked as a product management apprentice with the NYC Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity, and led the Cambridge Innovation Center‘s earliest formal events and marketing initiatives, including re-building their website in six months.

I began my career supporting musicians and artists at the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Hotel Pro Forma in Copenhagen, Denmark. I hold an MBA from the Johnson Cornell Tech program based in NYC, and a BA in music from Tufts University.

I’m also a musician.

I am a vocalist, songwriter and arranger. I committed to my musical roots during the pandemic to release my first EP, Wishtide, in November 2020, and my first full-length LP, WALLFLOWER, in October 2021.

I spend my free time writing songs, experimenting with new sounds, finding new bands and haunts, and learning about music technology.